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Chris Rew

APECS Accredited Executive and Team Coach

Following on from a strong corporate healthcare career where I enjoyed leading motivating and inspire individuals and teams, I have been running a coaching business since 2001, combining a number of innovative approaches at the leading edge of transformational leadership; these techniques accelerate learning, develop greater choices and produce significant performance transformations for those wishing to go on the journey.

As an experienced and fully APECS accredited Executive Coach and Team Coach, as well as being a Coach Supervisor, I am passionate about supporting and developing leaders and their teams beyond their current capacity, beyond what they currently believe to be possible.

When asked of their experience of me the words “Engaging”, “Authentic” and “Empathic” were good to hear. “Observant” and “Scarily insightful” made me smile! For these and others, I am both humbled and emboldened by their trust support, and feedback over the years.

Dr Sarah Morris

APECS Accredited Executive Coach

A vibrant and energetic person, Sarah is particularly passionate about coaching emergent and established leaders to be able to fill their leadership roles innovatively and authentically. She achieves this by working with clients to harness awareness, enhance clarity of thought, and develop greater sophistication of emotional responsiveness. Sarah believes that self awareness, self acceptance and congruence lie at the very heart of great leadership. In essence, who you are is how you lead.

A doctor and a fully accredited APECS coach, Sarah is committed to her own life-long development. Her core motivation is to assist her clients in uncovering their own path toward great choice and personal freedom. Along with her ongoing commitment to developing new coaching skills, she also brings with her first-hand experience of personal transformation. Some of these experiences have been painful! She has learnt what it takes to let go of a dream that no longer works, about how to rekindle passion, to rebuild a vision and to renew commitment.